Why Blogger is best blogging platform for beginners?

Why Blogger is best blogging platform for beginners?

Blogger is one of the best blogging platform available, this is free and also by Google. There are so many of peoples who are using Blogger for their blogging needs, as it is free. Many peoples recommend that everyone should start their blogging with this blogging platform. Many peoples still starts with WordPress blogging platform, but here in this article I’ll tell you reasons why beginners in blogging should use Blogger at least at start of their blogging life.

Reasons why Blogger blogging platform is best for beginners:


If you are using Blogger than you own knows that you have not been costing any a little money. You can easily link your custom domain, even any .TK domain which can be getting free of cost. While if you are using WordPress.Com than you have to upgrade your package from free to another or if you are using WordPress.Org then you own has already have an domain where it has installed, so you cannot install it anywhere else also to use WordPress.Org (self-hosted) you need hosting which cost money, as no one want to give money at beginning so it is better in Blogger than you can also link any custom domain.

Easy to use:

Blogger is too easy to use; you just need to know English and you can understand it nearly fully. Google has tried their best to make it more and more user friendly and easy to use. I was also using Blogger at the start of my Internet world and it was really easy to use, while I was also used WordPress at that time but due to not much knowledge I was started using Blogger, but also after learning many things from it I created my next blog (this) on WordPress self-hosted.

Easy to customize template:

You can easily customize the template with other fonts and style by using Blogger’s great template designer tool. You can easily create great looking template for your blog own, however creating from scratch can be a little hard but you can also find great looking Blogger templates over internet if you don’t like default templates. But still I recommend that you customize default template and create anything which fully match your blog niche.


Getting your blog hacked is the thing which no one like and as your Blogger account will be the part of your Google account so it will be secure. Many of peoples also hack blog for just fun, and few newly launched and not good blogs are also got hacked, so getting chance is not good. However you can secure your WordPress blog also with few steps you can follow here.


Blogging for nothing also makes bloggers feel that they are wasting their time in it, and this also be a reason why many bloggers leave blogging as many blogging platform didn’t allow ads to be shown on their free blogs. But Google has allowed placement of ads on Blogger blogs. Also you can get approval from Google AdSense if you have good quality blog, even if you are using BlogSpot blog.

Can take unlimited traffic:

If you are blogging well than you definitely getting huge traffic, so by using Blogger blogging platform your blog will able to take such huge traffic at no cost, while if you are hosting your blog with WordPress.Com or WordPress self-hosted than your blog can only take the traffic which your hosting package can take and after exceeding that your blog will be down.


If you want to host your blog in WordPress self-hosted than still I recommend that if you had no experience within blogging than first learn about blogging by Blogger, it is great platform to learn.

From Editor’s Desk:

So these were reasons why Blogger is the best platform for beginners in blogging. You can also host your WordPress self-hosted blog for free by using free hosting providers, but they will limit your traffic too much even many of free hosting sites can’t take even 100 visitors at the same time. However I can’t recommend that you should keep with Blogger after having thousands of visitors daily, as Blogger may also delete your blog if you violate their terms and conditions.
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