Control your Windows computer with your voice

Control your computer with your voice, for free!

Many peoples are kept busy in their work and can’t take time to do some little tasks or sometimes because laziness they don’t do their computer work and waste there. So, for that type of peoples Microsoft has built a very cool program which is pre-installed and of course it’s free of cost. You can control your computer by using this program named ‘Speech recognition’.

It is good because sometimes when we are doing some other things and have to do basic tasks in our Windows computer we can do this, I also first day enjoyed this to use when I was first time know how it works, but now I don’t need to use it because I now mainly keep busy on writing, but some of peoples may need this. You can find many of software like this but they may cost you while this is totally free. However if you are using any other operating system than you may have to download third-party software, as I don’t know whether it is available or not, but you can search it on Google.


There are lots of peoples who don’t know many of the features of their computer’s OS and even many don’t like to do changes to their computer to keep their computer in good condition. Speech Recognition is one of these features of Windows PC which is built in and also mainly not used by users.


Of course, it is safe. It is officially provided by Microsoft (who is the manufacturer of Windows OS). It is pre-installed available for your computer; you can’t uninstall this because it is not third-party software. You will get it at no cost, you just have to configure it and you’re done.


You can search it on Search as ‘Speech Recognition’ and it will available for you. It would tell you to configure it so you can keep use it easily and also it will help your computer to understand your voice and this will make your nearly every command correct. It may start automatically on every restart but you can disable it too by clicking on ‘Speech Properties’ which is available in the side, and then uncheck the option Run Speech Recognition at start up.

However you may find it on Control Panel. Just click on Start button and then Control Panel than see for it and you will find it easily.


  • Headphone (Recommended) or Microphone to command your computer.


I recommend that you configure the program to understand your voice; otherwise your many commands will be done wrong works. To train your computer to understand your voice go to Speech Recognition and then click on ‘Train your computer to better understand you’ and start speaking whatever your computer shown. It would take little longer time but it may save your hours of time too. If you know any more software which is free for Windows or Macintosh then you can leave that’s name and URL, I’ll add that as soon as possible for me, you can also leave your suggestion to improve this article, freely left your comment I’ll back to you soon.

I have not included images for the steps in this article because I don’t think you will need this, all steps given here are easy to do and also if you find difficulty on configuring or if you can’t find it than you not have to be sad, just you have to do one easy task, first open search (on your computer, by using start menu) and search for Help and click on Windows Help and Support, just after it open type there “Speech Recognition” and that will guide you on the process with images too. If you like this article, kindly share with your friends by clicking on Like, share buttons given below.

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