Why your Google AdSense earnings are lower?

Why your Google AdSense earnings are lower?

There are many of site owners who have been working with Google AdSense to earn money online. Many of site owners also say that there earning is too low with them, however the reason mainly for such thing are the publisher’s site(s). There are few things which may be reasons for your low earnings, and those are what I’ll tell you in this article.

Note: Before we begin with the article, please note that there is no official confirmation of this article to be valid or wrong by Google or Google AdSense team. We cannot say that all of the information in this article is fully valid, as we don’t have any confirmations.

Why your earnings from Google AdSense may be lower?

Traffic source:

If you are not getting much organic traffic than it may also be a reason for lower earnings, as every advertiser like to get legit peoples, so traffic comes from search engines are best way to verify it. If you are getting more and more traffic from social networking sites than it may not be the reason as many of biggest publishers of them are getting huge traffic from social networking sites, so that may not be a reason. Many of publishers try to cheat them to earn money by CPM based ads, and for it they simply use any invalid traffic way, so to keep their advertisers safe from cheating Google first try to verify that the traffic is valid or not.

Also getting traffic from various blogs by commenting on their or doing guest posting may also be reason for it, as it also generate many fake traffic because generally peoples only come to sites from there to know what is that about and how it is. So it would be better to get more and more traffic from search engines instead of such various sources.

Country also has most important role on your earnings. If you are getting traffic from country like United States, United Kingdom, Canada etc. than your earnings will also higher than from other country visitors. You may get more money for the same ad click from country like US, then many of others.

Ad size and type:

If you have not optimized your ad units by using recommended ad sizes by Google AdSense and not enabled both text and image based ads than your earnings also may get lower. I recommend that you put recommended ad units by Google, if you are not using than Google has made it easy by keeping a new feature, Google AdSense scorecard, which may you find at your Dashboard. Also I highly recommend that you use both type of ads, Image and Text based ads.

Invalid activity:

If you are seeing lots of visits every day, even more than your thought and seeing no referral or only one referral than it can be spam traffic or invalid traffic. As high traffic can make you confused that anything is wrong with Google AdSense, while many of publishers’ own site are reasons for lower earnings.

As invalid traffic generally done by bots, so the bots generally not click on ads, so how your earnings can be increase. Also few peoples create bots to disable others Google AdSense account by making that in such way, which click ads many times which may also result as low earning, like earning only one cent with hundreds of clicks.

Low traffic:

If you don’t have enough traffic than you also cannot make much money with them, as without much traffic you also will not get few peoples who will click on your site’s ads. It is highly important to increase traffic before taking any attention upon earnings.

Non-relevant site:

Many sites also change their niche to another and if the one is not with any advertisers’ ads niche than your blog may start showing non-relevant ads so it will surely lower your earnings, as the ads may be not interested by your visitors.

I recommend that you keep on the same niche from which you was got approval from them for better earnings and to not to violate Google AdSense Terms and Conditions. Also, if your keywords are not worthy than your earnings may also get lower, even when you are on most paying niche so it would be better to use better keywords for better earnings.

From Editor’s Desk:

So these can be few reasons for your lower earnings from Google AdSense, but want to say again that these are not officially told and nor it has been verified with them, so I can’t say that all of these are correct (officially). Also if your issue is about invalid traffic, then I highly recommend that you report the same to Google AdSense team and immediately remove ads, till you stop getting invalid traffic.

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