How to delete any software from auto-start list?

Remove any software from start-up list

If your computer start slowly after installing any new software that means that is the reason for slowdown of your computer, there are some viruses also which start with every start of your computer and after it start, you can end its process. These types of programs are called start-up programs. Which start with your computer, mainly it is used by computer’s system files (of course!) and Antivirus. However there are some kinds of software which automatically add to start-up list after installation and when you restart your computer, it starts too slowly (and sometime, it may totally hang too!).

I was also having this issue with one of my software which I was installed. I was got really irritated because that time my computer was having only 1 GB RAM and just because of this, my computer was already running slowly. But after it, it was too much started hanging because that software was in start-up list. So, after a little search on Microsoft I finally get a way to stop these to start with my computer. It is simple and easy to done.

You just need to access Safe mode only if you can’t start your computer in normal mode, or you can also do this at normal mode.

Follow first step only if you can’t use your computer while using normal mode.

So, let we start:

First restart your computer and while it boot keep press F8 button on your keyboard, and select Safe mode.

Now (login, if needed), click on start button and write “msconfig”.Remove any software from start-up list

After it, click on “Startup”.Remove any software from start-up list

Now uncheck any software which you do not want to be open with your computer. And click on OK.

Remove any software from start-up list

Now you will see another window, which will tell you to restart your computer or restart later. Choose the best suits you.Remove any software from start-up list



That’s it. Now it would be easy for you to do it in near future if you need it. I have told to users who’s computer can’t start because of any start-up software to use Safe mode because, if you use this mode than many of services will stop (only while you’re in Safe mode) and it also stop start-up service from being enable, so you can easily do your work. If you have any suggestion to improve this article or having any problem on doing this than you can freely leave your mail and I’ll back to you soon.

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