How your writing style affect your blog?

How your writing style affect your blog?

Every bloggers has their own style writing on their blog. Some of bloggers has not good style while some of them have very well style of writing articles. Many bloggers recommend that your blogging style should be good if you want to get success, while some of them simply ignore these and keep writing on any style even bad. So, the question is what are the effects of writing skills happen to your blog? And that is what I’ll tell you in this article.

Effects of bad writing style on your blog:


It leaves bad impressions on the view of your website on your visitors. And many of them may not again visit your blog, as generally peoples don’t like such blogs where they can’t read anything clearly. I own didn’t visit any blog again where the author own didn’t know how to write perfectly, as how can they teach us while they own need teaching of grammar.


As many of visitors will not came back so it will increase your blog’s bounce rate and keeping bounce rate lower is important to get advertisers who can pay you to show their ads. Bounce rate is the estimate percentage of pages and time your visitors browse your site and closing of the site, and as visitors didn’t open another page so it will increase bounce rate too highly. As advertisers don’t want sites with high bounce rates, they will simply don’t like to advertise with your blog.

Also, many of ad networks such as Google AdSense, BuySellAds, Infolinks etc. also approve sites where is no grammatical and spelling mistakes are found, and as many of bloggers’ main source of income are mainly ad network if they don’t have direct contact with some advertisers, so it is important to keep them happy.

Alexa Rank:

It can also affect your site’s Alexa Rank, as your site get higher bounce rate so it will lower your rank also. If you are like those peoples who are serious about Alexa Rank than this is also important for you and your blog, however some peoples ignore Alexa Rank as it is specially for advertisers who want to advertise with various blogs, but by getting good rank in Alexa, you can get some money for showing ads as good rank sites attracts advertisers more than other.

Guest Posts:

If you can’t done articles everyday than you may need some good guest authors, who can done posting on your blog every day, and this can only possible if you have good rank in Alexa and also have good Google PageRank, as mainly peoples done guest posts on high PR blogs, but if your blog is too new and still didn’t get any Google PageRank than guest posters can interested in it by checking its Alexa Rank, as some peoples also done posting to get traffic from your site, and if they see better rank and bounce rate than they will surely want to done posting on your blog.

Also, if you want to done posting on other blogs which have good Google PageRank than you also have to write perfectly, and also many of blog owners like only those guest posters who have their own blog and also have a good experience and generally they ask to tell your blog address and if they see your blog where your writing is not good than they may simply not accept you.

From Editor’s Desk:

So these were some effects which your blog can get if your writing skill is bad. So all in all it is important to keep learning new things and if you are not good in the language you are blogging than be sure to learn grammar of that, so you can write well. Also don’t forget to read how you can improve your writing skill article; if you want to improve your writing skill that article would be good for you. If you have any question or suggestion regarding this topic than feel free to leave your message in the comments below, I back to you as soon as I can.

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