How to Install Apps in Android SDK Emulator?

How to Install Apps in  Android SDK Emulator?

Android is one of the most popular operating system for smartphones. It supports lakhs of applications and games that is why now day peoples generally like to have an Android smartphone. And to keep getting new apps developed for Android’s more development Google has also developed Android SDK Emulator by which we can use Android with any specification phone virtually on the computer, so the developers who want to test their apps can be able to test easily on many devices.

It is specially created for developers but many of other peoples also use it to experience Android if they don’t have Android smartphone. And many of them want to install other apps but as Google hasn’t allowed Google Play in it, you cannot install apps directly. So in this article, I’ll tell you a simple way which you can follow to install any Android app in the emulator easily.

Note: This tutorial needs the SDK files to be in your Username folder, which mainly looks like C:/Users/YOUR_USERNAME. So before following this tutorial make sure you have moved or copied its files to your computer’s username folder.

Such as in my case, my username is Tricky Techs and I have placed it in its Akash named folder, so rests you can own understand easily.

How to Install Apps in Android SDK Emulator?

  • First make sure that you have your virtual device created. I don’t think that you need its tutorial too, as you may already have used this emulator that is why you know you cannot install apps in it.
  • Now Start your Android Virtual Device. And wait till it loads fully, it might takes some minutes as of my experience.
  • Now Copy and Paste your Android App to the Tools folder in your Android SDK Emulator folder. But be sure to keep its name as it will need in upcoming step below. Also download three files from here and copy them to Tools folder.
  • After it, open Command Prompt and type the following given below and press enter button.


For example: CD Akash/sdk/tools

How to Install Apps in  Android SDK Emulator?

  • Now, put the following command and press enter button and after sometime you will see a confirmation (as shown in the image):

ADB Install Your_File_Name.APK

For example: ADB Install trickytechs.apk

How to Install Apps in  Android SDK Emulator?

Important: While following this tutorial it is important to keep the emulator started, so do not exit it till the app gets installed successfully.

From Editor’s Desk:

So it was tutorial upon how you can install apps in Android SDK Emulator. Please note that, I tried to install Google Play to have apps directly downloadable and installable but it was crashed every time whenever I tried to open it, so please don’t complain about it and also the reason why it is not working is, Google has keep it restricted for it because it is not compatible with every device.

Also please don’t do piracy too. Installing premium apps and games which are pirated will keep illegal. So don’t install pirated games and apps. This emulator is created only for testing new apps and games by developers not for playing.

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