How to make smartphone faster easily and for free?

How to make your smartphone faster?

Fast smartphone is the thing which everyone wants, but slowly-slowly people’s smartphone start getting slower. And it feels really bad when we see that our smartphone is getting slow, and not just that if the phone is slow than running apps and games get also slow, and getting phone hanged while playing games makes really angry everyone, so in this article I’ll tell you how to make smartphone faster easily and also free of cost.

How to make smartphone faster:

Phone Memory:

If your phone has two types of phone memories, like what now generally smartphones have than always try to keep at least 50% of storage free. The reason behind this, is when you try to use any app or game, some of them use C drive’s memory to run and if there is not much than they refer from there to another drive, and because of this your phone can slow down.

Background apps:

Background apps are one of the mostly victim for slower smartphones (and even computers). If your phone is running many apps in background than your phone will keep processing for them so when you open another, or try to use your phone than your phone will surely get slower. So, don’t install so many apps which run in background.


Don’t keep lots of widgets on your Homescreen as they also slow down your smartphone. Also I highly recommend that if you need more speed than don’t use big clock widgets or any clock widgets. And even using Stopwatch type widgets slow down smartphones.


Having more Homescreen on your smartphone will also lower your phone’s speed. As if you are following tips from this article than you surely removed more and more widgets from your Homescreens so I don’t think you will now more need of more Homescreens, and that is also recommended to keep low Homescreens for better speed, however some phones didn’t allow to remove Homescreens than on them you can remove widgets, and keep their nothing that will also increase your phones speed.


If you ever saw any software (firmware) update than don’t forgot to update your phone, as that will increase your phone’s performance. Many of updates also include new features so updating your phone has no problems, however if you don’t know how to update your phone than you can read so many articles available online.

Auto-start apps:

Never allow apps to get start when your phone starts, as that slows your phone’s start up features. Also, that will run as a background app on your phone, and if that is app like WhatsApp than your phone may not slow down as that is made to start with phone. Also, I recommend that you should allow Antivirus on your phone to start with your phone for security, but not in Symbian smartphone.

Antivirus (Symbian only):

Don’t install any Antivirus because those are just waste if you are Symbian user, because there is no virus problem on Symbian phones.  Many of peoples are still thinking that there phone can caught by virus while it is impossible, even many of top contributors, employees of Nokia has confirmed this that it have no virus. And even if your friend is telling that your phone has virus, just ignore them, as many peoples don’t know about these and just share whatever they think.

However it is strictly recommended to have Antivirus on other popular smartphone operating system such as Android and iOS.

Remove Battery for 5 minutes:

Removing battery of your smartphone for at least five minutes can help it to get faster, as many of smartphone brands has recommended it. But if your phone didn’t allow to remove battery as some phones have battery which cannot be removed, so you should restart your phone and again turn it switched off for five minutes, it can’t help much like removing battery but still it will increase your phone’s speed a little.

Applications to speed up phones:

Don’t use apps which say that they will increase your phone’s speed, as those may also can slower your smartphone too much. Also, many of apps are just made to earn money, so instead of downloading and installing those apps, better you should done the things I have told you in this article.

From Editor’s Desk:

So, these were some tips and tricks on how you can make your smartphone faster. You can surely see the difference after following this article, as I have tested these on my and others smartphones and it worked. If you need any help than you can leave your question or message in the comments and I will back to you soon.

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