How to Increase Your ShareCash Earnings?

How to Increase Your ShareCash Earnings?

ShareCash is one of the best Pay-Per-Download websites available there. It pays much more than others and also such as other high paying PPD sites, it also use survey method to give more earnings but the best part with it is, the file will be unlock much more easier than other PPD networks. It was one of my favorite ways to make money online. So in this article, I’ll share with you some tips which can help you to earn more money with ShareCash and of course in legal way.

How to Earn More Money through ShareCash?

Upload Unique Software:

If you are a software developer than try to work hard and develop unique software which is not available yet and simply upload that to ShareCash. After you upload it, be sure to copy its mirror link and then simply publish it to your blog, website and other places from where peoples can find it while searching for similar software.

But always remember that you upload unique software or freeware because uploading copyrighted or illegal software is not good whether legally or with ShareCash.

Uploading Legit Files Only:

If you share your files on YouTube than it is highly recommended that you always upload legit files the reason is, if you always keep peoples happy they would also subscribe to your channel, and the more subscribers base the more peoples will trust you. Also if you get positive comments and more likes in your videos than peoples will have trust upon you and they will download the file because files which have surveys didn’t get downloaded but everyone.

YouTube Sharing:

When peoples do searching for any type of software they generally get introduced with YouTube than blogs and websites. So there are more chances that if you upload an introduction video of your software with its working review than it will also increase chances of getting your file downloaded.

But always remember that uploading video of its working is important so peoples can confirm that the software they will download really works. It will surely increase your revenue from ShareCash by at least 10% because generally peoples like to see demo which you’ll provide.

Different Website:

If you have created software and uploaded on ShareCash to earn money online, then you should also create new website for the software because you can earn that money easily if the software or file is really valuable to pay for the domain hosting bills. Also, it feels much more trustful when anyone saw website of a software or any file, however you can use same website for every of your files but it would be better to have different domain for different files.


Yes, blogging can also increase downloads of your files. The most recommended way is to create a blog under your website which you created for the software and files. However, you can also create a blog under your website which you used for all of your software and files and then start blogging about your files, which should be easy as you just have to tell peoples how to do anything on your software.

I think blogging about the software you have created will be easy and the reason why I recommend it to increase your ShareCash earnings is because when you tell peoples instructions about your software than they will trust you and download your software. However it can be impossible for some of files, but if you are sharing game or software than it is best way to get more downloads. But be sure to keep download link in every of your blog post so peoples can go and download it.

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From Editor’s Desk:

So these were some tricks which can help you to increase your earnings from ShareCash. If you aren’t yet there user than you can sign up them now and start earning money. But still I recommend that you read best ways to earn money online which can help you to earn more money from other ways too. If you share fake files to earn money than it is too bad for your profile reputation and will also result as not much downloads even if you soon start uploading good files. It would be always better to provide working files for both user and you.

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