How does too many ads affect sites?

How does too many ads affect sites?

Advertisement is such an important thing for many webmasters and bloggers, as many peoples are dependent upon ads on their website to earn some money from it. So, to earn more money many peoples fill their website fully with various advertisements, but is it affecting anything? That is what I’ll tell you in this article.

Affections of too many ads:


Yes, visitors never like any site with lots of ads, and many be even you didn’t like such sites. The reason why peoples like Wikipedia for their knowledge is only because that is non-profit website where no has placed any advertisement, so that makes it much better for visitors. Just think yourself that you have visited a website for a code, just a little code, and when you see that, you only saw lots of advertisement with a little content. So, I don’t think you will than love to visit them again, if you have other choices.


This is one of the most important thing which get affected and that is really need, yes it is search engine optimization. If you ask to any SEO consultant or expert than they will suggest you to not to include so many advertisement as Google can also penalize your website for it, as who can think that a site with more ads than content can be original, so how can bot understand it. So, it is always a good idea to not to include so many ads. If you can’t get visitors than how you can earn from your so many ads, so it would be good to earn slowly at start because no one can start earn lots of money too soon.


Speed of a website is another important thing, the reason is simple no one likes slow websites. So if you include so many ads than that will load first than the content and take a lot time to load your website. It can surely leave bad impressions upon the views of your visitors. If you even has getting so many views with so many ads and slow website than that is because visitors try to open your site and then close that because that opens slowly and that can increase your site’s bounce rate, which is also important to keep lower.

However, ad networks such as Infolinks didn’t slow down your website, as they simply load after your website get load and also that can be fully customize.


Design always matters, because if your website look is good than still how you can say that your ads design will also look better. Because of it your site can look ugly, as your site have so many ads and if every one of them are different but didn’t match to your website than ask yourself, how anyone can keep on such sites. It will make your website bad surely.

From Editor’s Desk:

So these were some important reasons why you should not keep so many ads on your website. And also think yourself that a great ad network, Google AdSense, why didn’t giving permission to show more than three ads on each page to their normal publishers, the reason is simple that if you are new user than surely you will feel your whole site with ads than that will affect your site’s SEO and Google didn’t want this. So, it is important to keep a little low number of ads in each page.

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