Why updating Windows computer is important?

Why updating Windows computer is important?

Microsoft’s Windows is one of the most popular operating systems available for computers. There are many of computer users who are using this for their computing needs. This is a premium operating system by Microsoft. When any one start using any version of it they also get to know about Windows Updates, and many peoples ignore it and think that it has no use on their computer and this is only time and bandwidth waste, while it is not correct because updates has important role for your computer performance and many of other things. So, in this article I’ll you the importance of updating Windows OS.

So, let we start.

Importance for updating it:


Many of updates are mainly created to improve performance of your computer. You can own feel the distance of the speed after getting new service pack update for your Windows computer, it will surely increase that’s speed. Also if you are looking to increase speed of your computer by various third-party methods than you shouldn’t do that, because many of third-party software has no guarantee on how that will work as some of them even interfere with Windows system programs. While at the same time if you update your computer than that will increase its speed by its own official update, and as that all updates all compatible for its platform so you shouldn’t get any problem while updating your computer.


Yes, with every new updates you may get some new features also, such as new version of Internet Explorer. And can even get something totally new from Microsoft, so it is good idea to update your Windows computer, to get every new feature.


Microsoft also releases updates for solving compatibility issues of your computer. Many of old software and game stops working on new version of Windows operating system and it makes many peoples sad because some of software and games can be too expensive. So, this is a good idea to update your windows computer for better compatibility. And another reason for updating is compatibility again, because future games will not support old operating systems or its version, so it is again important to update your computer and keeping it up to date.


The most important reason, because as you might already know that Windows OS is one of the most popular premium OS in the market so there are also so many hackers and virus creator who are trying to hack and put virus on other peoples computer. So, to fail them Microsoft also releases security updates which are important to update. Also, to secure their users Microsoft also introduces free antivirus program named Microsoft Security Essential for their users which you can download after testing your Windows computer for genuine.

Also, if you don’t want to install any antivirus (which is surely a worst idea) than still your computer can be secure from some malwares because of security software available pre-installed on your Windows computer, which isn’t not available pre-installed on older operating systems such as Windows XP, so you can get it by updating your Windows computer.

From Editor’s Desk:

So these were some tips on why you should update your Windows computer and why it is important. And don’t ask about it to others because some peoples own don’t know much about it and they simply say “No”, the reason behind this is they don’t know how important it is and how it can affect their experience on their computer.

Also if your computer get any problem after updating than you can do system restore to get back to normal, as in some cases there can be problem while updating your computer of corrupted files or anything else.

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