How to view any site in 3D?

View any site in 3D

3D films and images are those which generally everyone likes, as it looks cool. But what about viewing any site in 3D? Yes, you read correct I am saying you can view any site in 3D. There is not much things you need to do except downloading Firefox. This feature is comes with Firefox’s latest version and it is free too. I see this feature while checking Firefox, as I am an addictive Google Chrome user, so I didn’t use Firefox but I today think on giving this a try. So, while testing this I found this and get also excited about this, as it is good for entertainment.

So, before doing anything please be sure that you have latest version of Firefox, as I don’t know when this feature were come to this, so I can’t tell you, so please use latest version. You can download it for free, by clicking here.

How to view any site in 3D?

  • First open Firefox browser, and open any website.
  • Now after the site get loaded, click on right button of your computer mouse (or right key on Laptop) and click on Inspect Element (Q).View any site in 3D
  • Now click on 3D View button, check the image below.View any site in 3D
  • Done!

From Editor’s Desk:

Now you can simply view the site in 3D. To rotate the site you can use right key and to move it you can use left key and if you want to zoom in or out than you can use the roller of the mouse to do this. I have tested this with Mozilla’s own site, my site and some others, and it worked well in every site which I have tested. If you are having any problem while doing this or have a suggestion on improving this article than feel free to leave your comment in the comment box below, I will try to reply you soon.

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