Why should enable 2-Step Verification on your Google account?

Why should enable 2-Step Verification on your Google account?

Now days cyber-crime is influencing too fast, due to it many peoples lost a lot things of their Internet world. Many hackers were also hacked some peoples Google accounts, and this is one of the worst time when anyone saw that there Google account is got hacked because the only one account has every product login access, so it is totally shocking time to see own Google account hacked, so Google has provided a superior security feature named Google 2-Step Verification or Authorization.

By using this feature your account will nearly impossible to get hacked. The process of this is simple and also secure, when you sign in to your account (as usual) after it you will be promoted to enter the security code which you can get from your smartphone or from SMS (if that is supported on your country). So, in this article I will tell you why you should enable it.

Reasons to enable this feature:

As said above there are now many cyber-crimes are going on, and Google don’t want to leave there users’ account for getting hacked. So here are the reasons:

Two-layer of security:

If you have still not enabled this feature than your Google accounts can be accessed by your password, and if any one got it than simply they will get into your account easily, and it can happen by many ways even if you have registered on any other site with the same password (which is not recommended at all) then the owner of that site can sale your password or even if any hacker hacks there site than your password will also on the hand of the hacker. While if we use this feature than we have to put another security code which we can get through the Google Authenticator plugin or through SMS, whatever you like.

The good thing is this, if you are using the app for this verification feature than the code will change in some time, so it will make more harder for the hacker to think about the code because that will change randomly and also if you have used SMS method than the code will directly sent to you through SMS and you can use that code to sign in to your account.

One Google account, the key for all Google products:

Yes, if anyone even hack your Google account than the one will get access to your all Google Products. It get really worst if the account also has Google AdSense account, because hackers mainly delete the original owner’s email from the administrator and add another fake email address to destroy the earning of the person who’s account were get hacked.

Even the hacker can send mails in your behave to your contacts, so it really horror time when your friends will call you and say that they are getting bad messages from your email address. Also, if you have used your email address to other website accounts (such as Facebook, Twitter etc.) then they may also can get hacked because the hacker simply have to click on forgot password and the one will get your account just after few clicks.

It is easy and quick:

Enabling this feature is too easy and also quick to do. You just have to go here and follow whatever Google says and wants, and done. Also, it will provide you some emergency codes for some time when you have to access your account but you have forgotten your phone on anywhere, or if you have SMS feature but on the place where you are there is no network coverage of your SIM provider, you can use those codes in the place of security codes to access your account. So, it is also safe to use this, you just have to keep those emergency security codes with you.

It is free:

It is free to use, even the Google Authenticator app (the app for 2-Step Verification) also didn’t needed Internet to show those codes to you after installation. If there is nothing to pay by you, then also there is not a reason to not to use such an important security feature.

Read more about it on its official page: Google 2-Step Verification.

From Editor’s Desk:

So these were some reasons on why you should enable this feature on your Google account. If you have a WordPress blog than you can also enable this feature for your blog, you can read more about it here. Also, if you really care about your Google account than this is a must feature, because there are some Google accounts of peoples who were get hacked because that time they don’t know about this feature or simply because that time this feature was not available. But as it is now available so you should enable this feature too, because no one can say when a hacker hacks your account.

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