Why I recommend to use Better WP Security?

Better WP Security

Security is one of the most important things to take care about if you are a WordPress blog owner. There are thousands of WordPress blogs who were got hacked, the reason is simple; WordPress is open-source so hackers just have to download and learn how to hack it, so it is extremely important to keep your blog secure from hackers, as you can’t say when you come to your blog and saw that your blog is hacked. So, if you want free security for your WordPress blog than you can use a plugin called Better WP Security, this is good in its place, however I do recommend that you also use any premium security services

Reasons to use Better WP Security plugin:

Login Page Change:

Yes, you can easily change your blog’s login page to anywhere else without any problems by using this plugin. The reason to change the login location is simple, if the hacker who wants to hack your blog is not much expert and will like to use Brut Force attack than the hacker must first find out the login page, which you can change by using this plugin.

And also, it would make your work easy of login, as you can set any login URL as you want, but remember the address carefully, if you forgot that than you have to do a lot of works.


If any people or bot try to access contents which are not available again and again than that user’s IP address will be locked out to access your site and also you will get notification about it. As many hackers try to find security hole on any WordPress blog to hack that so it is important.

Invalid login data:

This is such a great feature, as if anyone try to login to your blog with wrong data, it will keep the username which the one were used, and it will keep till you delete the data. As you will know which username peoples are trying to access your blog’s Dashboard so you can keep difference between them.


You can send backups of your blog database to your email address in any time. You can set time to send you in every 24 hours or even 1 hour. I recommend at least set 10 hours. As keeping backup of your blog is important so it is such a great backup tool. Also, I recommend that you do backup on Dropbox, for better backup, better security.

Change Admin username:

If you don’t want to create new user and your admin username than you can use this to change your username of your blog directly, as it didn’t need to deletion and new user creation so it would be easy for beginners of WordPress.

Login limitations:

You can also limit logins of your WordPress login; you can set any number of tries. It can certainly stop brute force attacks to your blog. This is also important to put if you didn’t forgot your username password.

Change wp-content folder name:

If you want to change wp-content folder’s name to any other than you can also do it by using this plugin. As hackers generally first check, is the blog is on WordPress or not and one of the easiest way is to check its media files address, so hackers can easily know that you are using WordPress or not. However if you have a blog which was already started than I recommend that you didn’t follow this step, better you should move your wp-content folder to another place.

Changes notifications:

You will also get notifications on changes taken place on your blog’s installation files, however if you are using W3 Total Cache plugin than you might receive at least one notification every day, as it take changes on few files to build new cache files.

From Editor’s Desk:

So these were reasons why I recommend using Better WP Security plugin. However I also recommend that you use services such as Sucari for best security of your WordPress blog, as it will not fully secure your blog, and even premium services can’t make your blog fully secure, but still they worth using.

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